Monday, July 20, 2009

The End of My Adventure

Well here is "Nana Trish" and I at my cousin Brenda house in Lexington, S.C. It was a crazy 16 days trip but some of the joys was the time I got to spend with Brenda, a new friend Trish and old friends Rodney and Cheryl from Texas.

I got to spend two afternoons with Trish and share lunch and great stories and our love of the Lord. I got to meet, as they say in the south, her "heart" her lovely granddaughter Avery. I'm here to tell you folks, she is a special one. I have 9 grandchildren but if think I have to adopted another one. Avery would fit right in with my group. My cousin Brenda and Trish got along famously and have become fast friends. Each of them asking me how the other is doing. It's a wonderful thing to see. As I had said my cousin moved to South Carolina and knew no one but her realtor, but now she has a great friend in Trish. Bless them both.

When Rodney and Cheryl came to visit Brenda and I the four of us worked our tail off for two days straight. But when they left South Carolina for their own adventure in the south, they left us with furniture put together, pictures on the wall, the garage organized and so far ahead of the moving in curve, it was time to travel and see some of the countryside. They also left us with the greatest memories of belly laughter, hour after hour. Trust me we worked hard but we laughed harded.

We had a super day in Charleston and you've got to love the that town. The beauty of the town and country side is phenomenal. We were surrounded by such beauty and grace and over flowing with history. We took a wonderful carriage ride and our host explained the history of the town to where you felt like you were right there.

I highly recommend a trip to Charleston and next year when I go, I want to see some of the plantations and Fort Sumter. Two years ago when Brenda and I visited the South and she fell in love with it, we went to a plantation and we both loved the wonderful experience. It was so great to see all the great older homes and buildings and hear the history.

After 16 days and nine states, my cousin Brenda drove me to Charlotte, N.C. to fly out and she said that she would come in with me to see my off. I said no drop me off at the curb and I'll go in. A quick kiss on the cheek and I was out of there. I thought she might think it strange but I felt a hugh bawling blubber coming on and could just see myself going through security and walking to my gate with streaks of mascara all over my face. So even though I knew I would miss her terrible I rushed out of the car. Miss her terrible I do, but I'm so proud of her and the new life she is starting. God bless you Brenda and know that the Lord is watching over you everyday even if you don't realize it. I love you girl...


Friday, July 3, 2009

You just never too old for an adventure!

Well my cousin Brenda, the bravest woman I know, decided that she had enough of California and trying to work for old Arnie. He kept cutting her working days and wanting to give her IOU's instead of wages, so she sold her house, retired early and moved to the South without knowing a living sole, except her realtor!

Well if you know me, I'm like my Papa Johnson's old dog, always ready for a trip! So we left California last Saturday afternoon and proceeded to drive over 2,800 miles, through 8 states and well, here we are! Pretty tired and everyday is a new learning experience.

Had lunch with one of my favorite blogging buddies today and Nana Trish is a true love! That in it self was so wonderful because we make friends out in Cyberspace and then to have the honor to meet her really touched my heart. She brought precious Avery her granddaughter with her, and we all laughed our selves silly.

If I believed in past lives, I would say were sisters. We live in similar houses, have the same style wallet! She brought me a beautiful purse to remind me of the state and a wonderful house warming gift for my cousin Brenda. We're so appreciative and then she bought our lunch too. Not to worry we are going to try to visit her hometown this weekend and I get to buy her lunch.

I'll be sending pictures when I can find my camera cord! My cousin and I are having such a great time together, finding new stores and getting lost everyday. Thanks goodness for Garmin!

I too love the south with all it's beauty and gracious people and will truly miss it when I leave. If you ever have a chance to come....don't hesitate!